Friday, January 31, 2014

We are Upgrading our Hosting Infrastructure!

We are Upgrading our Hosting Infrastructure!

6 Degrees Hosting has always worked to ensure that the infrastructure that powers your business remains at the cutting edge. Keeping in mind the phenomenal growth in the hosting industry and taking on board your valuable feedback, we are moving to a new DataCenter-Datafoundry's Texas 1.

Benefits of the move:

 Greater Scope for Expansion: Texas 1 is 10x the size of our previous datacenter, making us future proof. If you can ramp up your hosting sales by 10x, we are ready for it!
 Improved Safety: The new facility boasts of private fibre connectivity, excellent network monitoring, patching and security policy auditing. It has the added advantage of being located in an area with one of the least incidence rates of natural calamities
 Superior Network Quality: Our Austin DataCentre can simultaneously peer with 4 major carriers including AT&T and Verizon, thereby offering speedier page loads. We've also upgraded uplink & downlink connections to 10 Gbps with this move
 24x7 In-house experts: With our own team working out of the DataCenter, who are more familiar with our Hosting infrastruture, can troubleshoot issues faster and better
 Enhanced DDoS protection: With an award winning realtime network attack prevention appliance & larger data tunnels, your customers will face negligible impact with even medium-sized DDoS attacks
 Dually-Fed Redundant Power: It is powered by two 400 MW substations ensuring complete redundancy which also increases reliability & efficiency
Please Note: A few existing hosting packages may face a disruption during the physical move, but you would have received notifications about the same if your package was among those impacted.
With this infrastructure upgrade, we can now guarantee scalable and reliable hosting services which can grow with your hosting business! You can also take advantage of our Amazing Hosting Promotions and boost your profits!

Datacenter Move - Behind the Scenes

Here's a peek at what happens during a physical server move, just so you know ;)
Power Off
All servers powered off - downtime starts
Unplug cables and remove boxes from secure holds
Packing & Moving
Waterproof, shockproof packaging and securely stacked transportation
Unpacking & Racking
Extraction and installation on the racks and plugging into network
Power On
Boot the boxes and run consistency, data and network checks - downtime ends

With our expanding portfolio and state-of-the-art infrastructure, we can now offer Shared Hosting, VPS, Personal Hosting  Reseller Hosting, etc across Windows and Linux on Geo-Located servers in 3 countries. Get ready for more new products and geo-located server locations this year. 
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